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 D&M Engineering Honda 500/4
  RC 181 replica on the Dyno
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Read here  Honda CB500-4 (RC181) 
 D&M Engineering Honda 250/4
  RC 162 replica on the Dyno

D&M Engineering engine tuning

D&M Engineering offer a complete tuning service. D&M Engineering specialise in tuning classic
racing Honda four stroke machines, such as Honda CB350 K4, Drixton Honda CB450 and Honda
CB500 four race bikes.

D&M Engineering has been involved in preparing and tuning many different types of four stroke machines. These include Aermacchi, Bennelli, Ducati, Norton, AJS, JAP, Ariel,Triumph, BSA, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki & Yamaha.

D&M Engineering can carry out all the work to tune your engine to suit your requirements.D&M Engineering have worked on vintage, classic, post classic and modern 4-stroke engines fitted
with both 2 valves & 4 valves per cylinder. D&M Engineering have experience ontuning single cylinder,twin cylinder, three cylinder & four cylinder engines.

D&M Engineering have a wealth of experience with other makes of machines. In the past D&M Engineering has been involved with, Greeves, Cotton 250 LCRS, Honda RS500 V3, Honda RS125,

Yamaha YZR 500 V4, Yamaha TZ 250/350, Yamaha RD 250/350LC two stroke race engines to mention but a few.

With our partners D&M Engineering can also offer a bespoke exhaust service thanks to NRP Exhausts.

D&M Engineering can also offer a full Dyno facility thanks to TorqueTune Dyno Centre.
With these partners D&M Engineering can offer a development service to get the best possible results from your engine.

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eng008  d mr0006  eng007
 norton manx3a  eng009

 With our partners D&M
 Engineering can also offer a
bespoke exhaust service
  to NRP Exhausts.

D&M Engineering can also offer
full Dyno facility thanks to
Tune Dyno Centre.With
partners D&M Engineering
can offer
a development service
 to get the
best possible results
from your

D&M Engineering undertake all types of modifications to motorcycles. No job is to large or small and as motorcycle enthusiast D&M Engineering understand your requirements.

You may require modifications to your classic racer, café racer or classic bike that needs the attention of specialised equipment or machining. D&M Engineering are able to offer a range of services to help with making modifications to your motorcycle from Milling, Turning, Grinding, TIG welding, Gas welding & Fabrication work. With our partners we can also offer blasting, polishing, chroming, metal plating, anodising, painting & powder coating. This also includes hard chroming to repair pitted or worn forks.

If you require frame modifications, fitting a different engine to frame, special foot rest or putting different wheels into a chassis or any modifications give D&M Engineering a call to discuss your project.
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 Classic racing motorcycle rebuilds and restorations
D&M Engineering specialise in classic motorcycles

 CB350 K4 Classic racing  TAB Honda CB350 K4 classic racer CB350 K4 Honda TAB classic race bike on the work bench
d_mr0006 Honda production racer 007 d_mr0004

Pictured here top row a TAB Honda CB350K4 classic race bike being built and prepared at the D&M Engineering workshop.
The classic racing Honda had a full race spec D&M Engineering engine fitted and the TAB Honda was race prepared by D&M.





Here at D&M Engineering we offer a wide variety of services.
Although our main focus is on classic
road and classic race machines
(and in particular classic Honda race machines)
we work on all types and makes.

Cylinder head section.


 Cylinder head skimming.

 Valve guide removal and replacement

 Valve seat removal, replacement and cutting.

 Valve re-facing 

 Spark plug thread repaired and inserts fitted.

 Cylinder head damage repairs

 Alloy and cast welding repairs and fin repairs

 Full cylinder head gas flow and tune on all four stroke


Cylinder section

 Cylinders re-bored  and pistons provided.

 Road or competition

 Replacement cylinder liners made to order, fitted and bored

 Cylinder re-plating service

 Cylinder repairs made and fin repairs

 Alloy and cast welding repairs

Crankshaft section 

Crankshaft stripped and rebuilt.
Replacement con rod kits provided.

Plain bearing crankshafts reground to size.

Crankshafts lightened and balanced.

 Tuning parts

Engine rebuild and tuning service

Complete bike rebuilds & restoration


With our partners we can also offer

New and used spares