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 D&M Engineering Honda 500/4
  RC 181 replica on the Dyno
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 D&M Engineering Honda 250/4
  RC 162 replica on the Dyno

Honda CB500-4 (RC181) classic racer 

honda cb500-4 001sm   honda cb500-4 007sm   honda cb500-4 009sm   honda cb500-4 010sm

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This recently completed machine has been built to compete in the 2012 Manx Grand Prix.
The lines of the Honda CB500-4 race machine have been based on the famous RC181 Honda-4.
The Honda RC181 was used in some epic race battles of the late '60's era of Grand Prix racing.
One of the most famous battles ever seen on the Isle of Man was the Golden Jubilee Senior TTof 1967.
The Honda RC181 was victorious and possibly the most talked about win of all time. It was a true
battle of men and machines over the most famous road race circuit in the world.
D & M Engineering have carried out alot of work and converted this modest production road machine
into a Classic Honda 4 cylinder racer.
The engine and chassis have received a great deal of
attention to turn the machine into a classic race bike

See video here Honda CB500/4 (RC181) at Torquetune dyno

cb500_4_manx_1   cb500_4_manx_2   cb500_4_manx_3
cb500_4_manx_5       cb500_4_manx_4

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Classic Honda 500/4 at 2012 Manx Grand Prix.
The bike is the Honda CB500-4 (RC181 replica) 

Click on video to see it in action