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 D&M Engineering Honda 500/4
  RC 181 replica on the Dyno
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 D&M Engineering Honda 250/4
  RC 162 replica on the Dyno

Honda  RC162 Hailwood Replica 250/4

The Honda 250/4 project is being built to look similar to the famous Honda RC162 250 four racer of the 60’s. The project is under construction at the D&M workshop.

The frame has been modified to take the Honda CBR250RR engine. Unbelievably these engines have a red line of 19,000 rpm in standard road trim. The following pictures show the projects progress and high light some of the work carried out on the project.    

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HondaRC162-1      HondaRC162 undergoing build by D&M Engineering.co.uk
D&M Engineering  modified frame  

Honda CBR250RR engine





Honda RC162 250 four racer


custom built Honda RC162 250 four racer

Honda RC162 250 four racer


HONDA 250/4 Engine  
d_m 025  

 NRP Exhausts fitted to a Honda RC162


Custom built exhausts by NRP Exhausts on a Honda RC162 250 four racer

 Honda RC162 250 four racer
Hand made Aluminium fairing

Stainless steel 4 into 4 Exhausts
 made by NRP Exhausts.co.uk

d_m 024   d_m 022  

d_m 028