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 D&M Engineering Honda 500/4
  RC 181 replica on the Dyno
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 D&M Engineering Honda 250/4
  RC 162 replica on the Dyno
Here at D&M Engineering we cater for all types of
motorcycles from vintage, classic,post classic and modern 

The main emphasis is on competition motorcycles used for road racing.

The partnership of D&M Engineering was formed in 2003 by two enthusiastic motorcyclists. Unfortunately the “M” part of the partnership was involved in a tragic incident in 2006 and sadly died as a result of his injuries. The incident was not related to motorcycles and after much deliberation I decided to continue with the business.

I have been involved with motorcycles for over 30 years. Having competed for 10 seasons on the UK racing scene. This included several Manx Grand Prix races and Isle of Man TT races. I competed on a variety of machines including :- Aermacchi, Cotton, Ducati, Greeves, Harris, Kawasaki, Triumph and Yamaha to mention a few.

 During my racing career I had always maintained my own  bikes and the move to being a mechanic for teams was a natural progression. I  worked as a mechanic for British Championship and European Championship riders for  3 seasons working on RS125 Honda, TZ 250 V twin Yamaha, RS500 Honda V3, 125 EMC and RC30 Honda.

Following these seasons, I worked on the Grand Prix racing scene for 6 seasons. This was mainly in the 500cc Premier class on YZR500 Harris Yamaha’s, YZR500 ROC Yamaha’s and  YZR500 Factory Yamaha’s. I had one season working with a 125 Grand Prix team on RS125 Honda’s.

I also helped out a rider at the Macau race on a YZF750 Yamaha and then on to the first Indonesian Grand Prix which was a fantastic experience.

d&m engerneering prepared race bikes

D&M Engineering race perpared Hondas 1



Harris Grand PrixTeam 1995 season.Harris Yamaha
     YZR500 Brazilian Grand Prix, Rio De Janerio
                 Team RBP  Honda RS125.
             French Grand Prix Le Mans 1994  

After this I worked in British Super bike Teams for a couple of seasons with factory supported Ducati’s 996 Corsa  and also factory supported  YZF Yamaha R7‘s.

In 1999 -2000 I ran my own YZR500 ROC Yamaha at major road race events in Ireland and at the IOM TT.

After a break from being directly involved with motorcycle racing we set up D & M Engineering. My partner and I have always had a passion for motorcycles and in particular racing motorcycles.

Between us we built and prepared a small stable of classic racing machines which consisted of a Seeley Norton (920),BSA Rocket 3 (750),  Drixton Honda CB450 (500) and a standard framed Honda CB350K. The machines were ridden by several different riders and all achieved a reasonable amount of success.

It was from these machines and the success that they had, that  D & M Engineering  evolved. As many motorcycle enthusiast know it  is becoming increasingly difficult to find where to get small and large jobs done for any racing or one off special  motorcycle, especially by someone who has a understanding of motorcycling 

D & M Engineering has become increasingly known for it’s work and development with classic racing motorcycles and in particular the classic racing Honda twin and four cylinder machines. A lot of D & M Engineering’s early development was with the Drixton Honda CB450 and Honda CB350K4 machines.




Honda classic race bikes



Honda CB450 classic race bikes